Research Into The Church’s Impact on Health and Care

It is no secret that the National Health Service in the UK is under immense pressure. Demand is increasing across the board and Accident & Emergency and General Practitioners, in particular, are fully stretched.

Cinnamon Network’s research into the Church’s impact on health and care aims explore the extent to which church-led social action projects can help to alleviate stress within the health services and support patients to achieve better outcomes in relation to health and wellbeing.

The health project was inspired by successful research carried out by Cinnamon in 2016 into the ways that churches are supporting police forces across the UK. The research discovered that the majority of calls that many police forces respond to are not directly related to crime, but rather welfare, mental health and anti-social behaviour.

In response, Cinnamon assessed how effective social action projects run by faith and community groups were in helping police forces to respond to non-crime related incidents. The report highlighted key areas where church-based projects made a significant impact on policing priorities and put forward recommendations for best practice partnerships in the future. You can read this research HERE.

With this in mind, Cinnamon undertook similar research to assess the effectiveness of faith and community-based strategies which have been developed which help to offset pressures within the health services.

Both quantitative and qualitative research was conducted with a sample of church-led initiatives working within the areas of general health and wellbeing, mental health, perinatal care, loneliness and isolation, dementia and accident and emergency response.

The findings presented in this research identify areas where church-led social action projects offer long-term, effective and sustainable solutions to key healthcare needs. The research goes on to present ways in which health services and church-led projects could work more closely together to address key health priorities and ease the burden on healthcare services.

The research has been overseen by a steering group including members of Clinical Commissioning Groups, representatives from Impower, McKinsey Consulting, and King’s College, London.

About Cinnamon Network
Cinnamon Network began emerging in 2010 in response to growing social need, public sector reform, increasing recognition of the role of voluntary organisations and the economic cuts.

The network aims to serve the nation by enabling people and resources to transform their communities and help those in social need. Cinnamon does this by championing brilliant church-based social action, by building partnerships between churches and civic groups, and by delivering actionable research to enable growth.