How to start your Cinnamon Faith Action Audit Survey

The audit can only be completed on-line and only with the link that was sent to you in your email from Watermelon (the name of the on-line audit company  who are practically managing the research on our behalf). If you ‘lose’ that email – your local audit Champion has a copy of your link if you need to find it again.


(NB:  For this to work well with the questions involving numbers, all we need to have is a GOOD ESTIMATE). 

Questions 1 – 7  Are simple short questions about your organisation or place of worship

Question 8  Asks if you have significant involvement with a number of widely used community projects

Question 9  Asks if you have any or your own community engagement activities e.g. Parent & Toddlers etc

Question 10  Asks you to list all of your own community engagement activities

Questions 11 – 12 Asks you to categorise your community engagement activities e.g. how do they help and who do they help

Questions 13 – 14  Are related to the organisations listed in Q8, and won’t appear if you’re not already involved with them

Question 15  Asks the broad age ranges of people helped by each of the activities

Question 16  Asks the average attendance on a typical week for each of your activities

Question 17  Asks the total number of people who have been along at least once in the year for each of your activities.

Question 18  Asks how often each group meets

Question 19  Asks if any employed staff help with any of the activities

Question 20  Asks how many paid staff help with each activity

Question 21  Asks how many hours the paid staff give to each activity

Question 22  Asks how many volunteers help with each activity

Question 23  Asks how many hours is typical for volunteers to give to each activity

Question 24 – 26  Asks some simple questions about working in partnership with other organisations

You might think that is a whole bunch of questions, asking about a lot of things no one is likely to remember. However, if we keep to a good estimate, and do this a step at a time it’s amazing how much people do remember. 

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit typically takes 20-40 minutes to complete and if you are struggling with it, just ask your local Champion for some help.

The on-line questionnaire saves each complete page of progress.  So, if you close it down, all you need to do is to use your LINK to open it up again each time.

Please contact your local Champion if you have any other questions.

Thank you!

Alisdair Semple.