Welcome to the Cinnamon Faith Action Audits!

Alisdair Semple, Cinnamon Faith Action Audit Manager

Alisdair Semple, Cinnamon Faith Action Audit Manager

Thank you for looking to see who is behind the 2016 Faith Action Audit!

Cinnamon is an energetic Christian charity working hard to connect believers, communities and local authorities together as we seek to serve the nation.

This audit asks questions about practical things which faith groups do as they build community in their locality. While the motivation behind the activity might have a spiritual dimension, the practical outworking contributes to the common good of people in the area and is offered inclusively to anyone who might benefit.

Whatever you contribute to this audit will be treated in confidence, though we do ask (in our very first question) if it is OK for your answers to be available for local research about what happens in the area where you live.  Saying ‘YES’ to this will allow the local Sponsors access to your answers, though they still will not be able to publish any identifiable data about your group unless you give explicit permission to them to do so!

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