Civic Leadership Forum

Discover models of transformation as you share and learn with other leaders.

What is the Civic Leadership Forum?
• A place where a faculty of experienced leaders steer the topics and season the conversations.
• A place to share the challenges you face and find wisdom from others.
• Somewhere you can hear about progress elsewhere and unpack the story.
• A place where you can connect online, on the phone or in person with other leaders.

What sort of topics will we cover? Examples include:
• How to build relationships with the police.
• What we need to know about public health provision.
• What opportunites are created by local authority budget cuts.
• What recent research is showing us.
• How to secure additional funding for your work.

Our calling to ‘sit at the city gates’ isn’t just for a few. We believe that every Christian in the marketplace has a role in civic society. We recognise that releasing people into a calling for their sector is also an important part of your leadership. You can find out more by downloading the Civic Prayer leaflet HERE