Matt Bird

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Matt Bird is an international speaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

He is the Founder of the international charity Cinnamon Network which helps local churches to build a stronger relationship with their communities to see transformation.

In the UK Cinnamon has identified 30 local church community projects which it has helped replicate across the country. Currently 3,500 local churches lead one of these replicable projects, mobilising 56,000 volunteers and serving 1.44 million beneficiaries every year.

Cinnamon is now partnering with other nations to help identify local church community projects that have the potential to be incubated and then replicated to national scale.

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit about the economic value of church-based social action in the UK was reported in The Times newspaper with the headline ‘Loving thy neighbour is priceless – but it’s also worth £3billion‘.

Matt is also the chair of the Christian Funders’ Forum which is a group of Christian grant-making trusts who individually grant more than £30 million per year to Christian mission. He is also a member of the Council of Business and Ministry Finance for the World Evangelical Alliance.

His charitable work, building relational capital in communities, has received commendations from successive British Governments and Prime Ministers.

As an international speaker he has spoken in churches and at conferences in more than 30 nations, he is the host of ‘The Matt Bird Show’ broadcast on TBN UK (Freeview 65 & Sky 582), TBN Europe and TBN Africa and is the author of seven books, the most recent of which is ‘Relationology 101’, which is available on

Matt is also the founder of the international business Relationology which delivers a unique approach to achieving business growth through the power of client relationships.

Matt lives in Wimbledon, UK with his wife Esther, and their three children.

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