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Our Aim

Cinnamon Network aims to make it as easy as possible for local churches to transform their communities by reaching out and building life-giving relationships with those in greatest need.

Our Approach

We describe ourselves as "faith-based but not faith-biased". Whilst we are motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we indiscriminately serve people of all faiths and none.

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Our Story

We help churches respond to the most pressing needs in their community by providing a menu of best-practice Cinnamon Recognised Projects that can easily be replicated. Alongside the projects we offer advice, funding, support and leadership training. We recognise that we all achieve more when we work in partnership and so, through initiatives like our Civic Prayer Events and Faith Action Audits, we help churches build strong civic partnerships and demonstrate the great work they are doing within their communities.

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  • Rev. Lyndon Bowring, Executive Chairman of CARE

    “In my estimation, Cinnamon Network is one of the most exciting Christian initiatives to have arisen in recent years. It has enabled thousands of people of faith to get involved in social action p...

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  • Chief Constable Giles York, Sussex Police

    “Sussex Police has been delighted to support Cinnamon Network in mobilising volunteers across the county into new activities that are proven to work. I believe together we have made a significant d...

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  • Commander Mak Chishty (Retired)

    “Cinnamon Faith Action Audit shows how our faith communities are helping those in need. We will utilise this information to drive new and improved partnerships and initiatives between the police a...

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  • David Cameron

    “By supporting churches to address the most pressing issues in their neighbourhoods, the Cinnamon Network is transforming communities for the better.”

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  • The Most Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

    “I’m enormously encouraged by all that I see churches doing to make a difference in their local communities and I’d love to see even more churches taking this step of faithful love and service. ...

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