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Cinnamon Advisors

Everything we do here at Cinnamon is driven by our desire to equip local churches to get out there and make an impact in society. Our team of Advisors are spread across the country, and have plenty of first-hand experience of planning and delivering effective social action projects themselves. They’re on hand to help churches transform their communities.

Gareth Brown (W.Mids)

Gareth Brown works as Church Engagement Manager supporting our great team of Advisors. He is the Co-leader and Community Connector of a growing inner-city church in Smethwick, and director of a small charity called Smethwick CAN. He has a particular interest in community development and social enterprise.

Nick Amis
(East Mids)

Nick represents the East Midlands and East Anglia for Cinnamon. He is a trustee for the East Northants Faith Group, delivering support to those most in need in the local area. He’s passionate to see churches united in demonstrating Christ’s practical love for the poor and lonely.

Mandy Bayton (Wales)

Mandy is the Cinnamon Advisor for Wales. She is part of Linden Church in Swansea. Mandy is a Vice-President of Gweini, which represents Wales’ Christian voluntary sector and a Trustee of Housing Justice UK. Mandy is also a freelance writer and regularly speaks at churches and national conferences.

Victoria Lawrence
(South East)

Victoria Lawrence represents the South East region for Cinnamon. She is the Founder of Abigail Outreach Ministry, which is dedicated to supporting vulnerable women and family with children with special need. She is a council member at Churches in Community and very passionate about seeing churches take their place of relevance in their communities.

Adam Dyer
(South West)

Adam Dyer represents the South West of England for Cinnamon. He is Leader of Yeovil Community Church in Somerset, and is a passionate advocate of community transformation and social engagement evidenced by the portfolio of projects he and his church are involved in. One of the most significant of these is the Yeovil4Family project.

Hilary McClay (N.Ireland)

Hilary is the new Cinnamon Advisor for Northern Ireland. She is married to David, lives in Belfast, and is mother to three and mother-in-law to two. Hilary works at Willowfield Parish Community Association (which runs a variety of projects to benefit local people who struggle with challenging situations) which is closely linked to Willowfield Church where David is Rector. Together they also lead New Wine Ireland.

Diane McWilliam (Scotland)

Diane represents Scotland for Cinnamon. She is a community development worker with wide-ranging experience in community and church projects. An advocate for good practice in community engagement, she is keen to see churches listen and respond well to the needs expressed in their neighbourhoods.

Jonny Gios
(North England)

Jonny Gios represents the North of England for Cinnamon. He is a church planter at Gateway Church in Kendal. He has a passion for the local church to be salt and light in their communities, particularly for those who are the hard to reach in society. Jonny has a MA in missiology and long to see the church impact society through the gospel in word and action.

Mat Eason (London)

With over 10 years as a community development consultant, Matthew is one of our London Advisors. Having worked with churches, communities and civic groups throughout the UK, he understands the challenges these groups face, but also knows ways to enable all these groups to thrive. He brings a careful blend of strategy, drive and innovation wherever he can.