Welcome to Cinnamon

Become a Cinnamon Recommended Project

We’re looking for new initiatives to join our menu of more than 30 other social action projects that are committed to helping the church to be “salt and light” in their communities.  

If you are running an incredible project that fits that bill, have already replicated it in two or three other places, and would love to others do the same, then we’d love to hear from you.

Why Should I Apply?

  • We’ll help you replicate. Churches looking to initiate social action projects know that we do our homework. So, if they start something that we have recommended, they can be confident that it will ‘cut the mustard,’ so to speak.
  • You become part of the Cinnamon family. You’ll be invited to our yearly residential, where you’ll meet the other Recommended Projects, get input from external speakers and can chat to the Cinnamon team. For many it’s that, ‘I’m not alone’ moment, when they realise there are other initiatives with a passion to transform communities.
  • We’ll help you keep your fire going. We bring in professionals to share their wisdom with you, we’ll also give you a yearly ‘health check’ for your organisation, and you’ll have someone on the end of the phone that you can call.

We are looking for projects that fit into two categories:

Church-based projects – These are initiatives that operate through members of a local church, to support the community.

Community-based projects – These are initiatives that, while run by Christians, aren’t necessarily based in a church.