Last Year's Winners - One Year On


A year ago, Hope4All were operating from a church in Kent to support individuals experiencing a range of housing-related issues. Fast forward to October 2021 and the charity is now well established with its own offices, country-wide recognition and three replications currently in place.

“We’ve been running since 2015, but never had our own office. Now we’re a household name!” says founder Adeola Ogunade with pride.

The charity’s aim is to prevent homelessness by providing early interventions for anyone who has concerns about their housing situation. Hope4All captured not just the attention of the judges at last year’s Cinnamon Incubator Competition Final, but also key figures within the sector.

Since winning, Adeola has been in high demand speaking at the launch of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Housing Report, the Compassionate Communities conference set up by Bishop Graham Tomlin, and even featuring at the Bristol Housing Festival.

Strong growth
Through these events and subsequent publicity from the Cinnamon Incubator Competition the team are now working closely with three additional churches who are in the process of replicating the housing surgery model.

The explosion of interest has been overwhelming and support from experts on the Cinnamon Incubator Programme has helped Adeola take everything in her stride. “The learning has been invaluable,” she says with a broad smile. “I’ve learned how to pace things and also about organisations that we can apply to for funding so we can grow a strong housing surgery.”

Building a foundation
Back in July 2021, the team moved into their first ever office. They now have a strong presence on the High Street in Gillingham as well as private rooms for meeting clients. The landlord even agreed to reduce the rent by more than half when he heard about the great work they were doing. “The Lord has been so good to us!” beams Adeola.

So, what’s next? After such rapid growth, Adeola really wants to use the office as a foundation where she can take on additional staff to help her support the influx of enquires they are getting from clients as well as churches who want to replicate their surgery model.

They are set for another busy year and they can’t wait! “Thank you to everyone who donated It has helped us in so many ways to expand. We don’t take it for granted,” concludes Adeola with a smile.

Since winning the Cinnamon Incubator Final 2020, Hope4All has

  • Replicated in three churches
  • Moved into their own office
  • Spoken at events across the UK
  • Developed foundations for growth

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Radiant Cleaners

It’s been quite a year for the Nottingham-based cleaning enterprise who employ individuals who face multiple barriers to work – giving life, hope and purpose in the process.

“I can honestly say we wouldn’t be where we are today without Cinnamon Network,” says Matt Parfitt, founder of Radiant Cleaners as he reflects on the busy 12 months. Back in November 2020 at the Cinnamon Incubator Competition Final, Radiant Cleaners were recovering from a tough year. Successive lockdowns led to cancelled contracts and great uncertainty for the social enterprise. “We’d lost nearly all our work in April and May,” explains Matt.

Growth and recognition
Today it’s quite a different story. In the last year, the team have been awarded major new contracts including one for cleaning the prestigious Nottingham Castle. “It feels like recognition that what we’re doing really works. It proves that you can take the least, the last and the lonely and you can build a business.”

Since January, the enterprise has doubled its workforce of cleaners from 17 to 34. “Having the development grant made a huge difference,” continues Matt. “It meant that we could spend money on an office team to free me up to work on developing new business.”

Bespoke support
Beyond the financial support, the Cinnamon Project Incubator has also helped Matt to focus on building a sustainable strategy for growth. “Everything [on the Cinnamon Incubator Programme] has been bespoke to us and the breadth of the experience of the team is great.”

Winning the Cinnamon Incubator Competition has also opened doors and conversations with potential funders and other business partners including Green Pastures, The Trusted Executive, and fellow incubatees Cambridge PACE.

Life-changing support
What Matt is most excited about however, is the lives being changed on the way. A recent employee is typical of many that Radiant Cleaners are trying to reach:

“One of our new employees is a victim of modern-day slavery,” says Matt. “They’ve been in the UK for a number of years and don’t speak much English- they need a supportive employer. In no other circumstances would they be able to find work. However, the head of cleaning on one of our biggest jobs speaks their language, which is incredible. They are now getting paid the real Living Wage and are loving it.”

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Cinnamon Network.”

Since winning the Cinnamon Incubator Final 2020, Radiant Cleaners have:

  • Doubled in size
  • Won major new contracts and is working with corporates
  • Employed 24 additional members of staff (7 have then been able to move on)
  • Shortlisted for the Annual Social Enterprise of the Year

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