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Love is a Verb…

You might not be familiar with the Plague of Cyprian which tore through Ethiopia in 250 AD and then spread to Rome, Greece and Syria. Rome blamed the Christians for the devastation that was killing thousands each day. They believed that the Roman gods were wreaking their vengeance on the ‘new religion’ of Christianity. Thousands packed up [...]
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Let Us Begin…

No one knows quite what the future holds and in the words of an oft-used quote: “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is.” We all crave a sense of reassurance in our lives and January always brings with it plenty of predictions for the year ahead. However, if history is anything to go by, our track record of [...]
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Christmas – Starring You!

It's mid-December - which probably means we've had enough of this year's Christmas adverts. The theory is that our beloved supermarkets and department stores spend millions hiring the finest creative brains in the world to squeeze all the sentiment of Christmas into two minutes of intense emotion. This will then have us overflowing with the festive [...]
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Home is Where …

Community is Vital   Home is where the heart is; it’s where your story begins; it’s a shelter from the storms of life; and, in the words of Dorothy Gale, ‘there’s no place like home.’  While these statements might all be rather clichéd, they do teach us something important – that home is much more than [...]
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Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

Start With Why You may be surprised to learn that questions about feline phobias were actually some of the most popular posed to Google in 2017. Whether you were among the tens of thousands who enquired about the animal’s relationship to vegetables or not, then you will certainly agree that there are plenty of ‘Why?’ [...]
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