Cinnamon Faith Action Audit on Demand

At Cinnamon, we’re passionate about helping churches make a positive and transformational difference at the heart of their communities.

By conducting a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit, you can demonstrate the impact of churches and other faith groups in your area and, in turn, build confidence in your church, strengthen your community ties and open up new opportunities for collaboration with local authorities and agencies.


Download the booklet here:

1) Identify a local sponsor

Typically, Churches Together or voluntary sector organisations come together to sponsor a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit. Your sponsor needs to have good connections with faith communities in your area.

2) Select a Champion

You’ll need to choose an individual to take responsibility for collecting all the data and background information for analysis. Cinnamon will help you find a Champion who is passionate about the initiative and has the analytical skills to conduct a thorough audit.

3) Choose the Right Package

Package A – £2,400

We’ll provide everything you need to manage an audit by yourself. Once the information has been analysed, you’ll have online access to a comprehensive summary, infographics and key data highlights as well as the raw data for further research. We also produce an interactive map to visually demonstrate the extent of activity being carried out by faith-based organisations in your area.

Package B – £3,000

You’ll receive all the benefits of Package A with extended telephone support from Cinnamon and a professionally designed final report for you to share with leaders in your area.

International Cinnamon Faith Action Audit- £5,000

We’re now offering Cinnamon Faith Action Audits around the world, and will provide you with a full package of support, analysis of information, online access to infographics and data highlights alongside all the raw data.

Added extras

For £480 we can professionally print and deliver 500 copies of your final report for you to share with civic and business leaders in your community. Our Cinnamon Advisors will be on hand to help you use your audit results in the most effective way to build and strengthen relationships within your local community.

4) Decide when to start.

Cinnamon Faith Action Audits will start in two cycles:

  • The first cycle begins in April and the analysed data is available by the end of July. PDF reports will be ready in August and printed reports in September, for those who have requested them.
  • The second cycle begins in November and the analysed data is available by the end of March. PDF reports will be ready in April and printed reports in May, for those who have requested them.

Get involved!

If you’re interested in finding out more about running a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit in your local area, we’d love to hear from you.