The Church’s Impact on Health and Care

Following on from the successful research into police and church partnerships, Allchurches Trust sponsored Cinnamon to carry out similar research to assess the effectiveness of church-led strategies which have been developed to offset pressures within the health service.

The research focused on answering two key questions:
1. What impact do church communities currently have on health and social care?
2. What potential is there for them to be scalable and replicable, in order to have more impact?

Both quantitative and qualitative research was conducted with a sample of ten church-led initiatives working within the areas of general health and wellbeing, mental health, perinatal care, loneliness and isolation, dementia and A&E response. 

Some of the projects that formed part of the research – Linking Lives UKIntentional Health, Mega Fitness, Parish Nursing, Peaced Together, and Baby Basics – are Cinnamon Recognised Projects. In practice this means that they are established initiatives that can be replicated in locations across the country. Three of the projects – Care Home Friends, Lyrics and Lunch, and Renew Wellbeing – are currently on the Cinnamon Incubation Programme, where they are receiving support and training to help them build their capacity so they too can be replicated in other churches. The final two – ED Pastors and The Pain Exchange – are church-led initiatives that are not affiliated to Cinnamon Network at present.

The Church’s Impact on Health and Care (3m 56)


You can download the Church’s Impact on Health and Care (Summary 12-page booklet) HERE

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You can download the full research report (39,000 words) HERE

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The research is brought in partnership with Allchurches Trust