Cinnamon Faith Action Audit 2016

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit 2016 provides evidence that the value of the time given by the UK Church and faith groups to their communities each year is worth £3 billion which means 47 million times a year, someone is being helped.

The Cinnamon research is the most comprehensive of its kind ever undertaken. It approached 6,537 churches and faith groups in 87 villages, towns and cities across the UK and received a 46% respondent rate.

Cinnamon expects this research will boost the confidence of both the Church about what it is already doing and also civic organisations such as the local authority and police who can see the value of what the Church and other faith groups contribute to community.

Matt Bird, founder of Cinnamon said, “Faith is a force for good in our society”, adding that, “At a time of budget cuts, changes to benefits and rising housing costs we want to inspire and help the Church and faith-based organisations to increasingly step into the gap”.

Interestingly, recent research in the US estimates the value of the US faith sector to be $1.2 trillion, (link HERE) based on revenue and the value of their goods and services. The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit is unique in that it focuses purely on the value of what the UK faith sector gives to the community.

Recently a local authority in Northern Ireland, having seen Cinnamon research, asked the church in one of its towns if they could work together to address a social need that they or the police could not solve. If this works well, the council want to ask the church to work together in three other communities to do the same.

Media Contacts:
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Watch a brief film about the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit 2016 (1m 42 s):


Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev Justin Welby speaking at the launch of the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit 2015

“The public view of religion among young people, according to a YouGov poll – well, alright it’s a poll, but … the reputation of religion among young people is actually more negative than neutral: 41% – this was a poll in 2013, when they still got them right – 41% of 18-24 year olds agreed that “religion is more often the cause of evil in the world” and only 14% say it is a cause for good.

The Faith Action Audit reveals something different. It shows the breadth of commitment across the country, the depth of commitment, and above all the strength of experience and good practice. Thanks to Cinnamon and other bodies like it, this is not mere do-goodery. It is seeking to find best practice and put it into action in the most professional way that can be imagined.”

Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev Justin Welby.