Cinnamon Faith Action Audits

“This is a wonderful report. It shows the breadth of commitment across the country, the depth of commitment, and above all the strength of experience and good practice. Thanks to Cinnamon and other bodies like it, this is not mere do-goodery. It is seeking to find best practice and put it into action in the most professional way that can be imagined.” Archbishop Justin Welby.

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit helps churches in towns and cities to measure the social and economic impact of what they do in their communities. In 2016 we conducted our first national Cinnamon Faith Action Audit. We analysed data from more than 6,700 churches in 87 villages, towns and cities across the UK. The results were astonishing.

  • The value of the time given by the UK Church and faith groups to their communities each year is worth an incredible £3 billion.
  • The research shows that there are around 210,000 social action projects led by churches and faith groups across the country.
  • These groups are run by 1.8 million volunteers who support 47 million beneficiary interactions each year.

Delve deeper:

  • Read the national and local Cinnamon Faith Action Audit HERE
  • Read Archbishop Welby’s speech about the significance of the Cinnamon Faith Action Audits HERE

Cinnamon Faith Action Audit On Demand

The findings from our national Cinnamon Faith Action Audit were so significant that we decided to help churches across the country produce their own reports. Through our Cinnamon Faith Action Audit on Demand you can demonstrate the outcomes of the social activities of faith-based groups in your area, to help you engage with civic leaders and institutions to impact even more lives.

  • Discover how churches are using audits to collaborate and access funding

Case Study: Lincoln

The Problem

Churches in Lincoln knew they were involved in  a lot of social action projects, but had no idea of the scale or breadth of the services they provided. There was also a real disconnect between the churches and the local authorities in the city, so they decided to conduct a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit.

The Results

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit they conducted in 2015 showed that collectively churches and faith groups within the city were filling 4,900 volunteers roles to support 63,000 beneficiary interactions through more than 350 social action projects. Collectively the financial value of support they provided equated to £14 million.

Their research gave churches the opportunity to talk directly to council leaders, who openly admitted that they didn’t know the extent of work being done by local churches, who to contact about working with them or even if churches were willing to work in partnership.

The Impact

As a result, the churches set up the Active Faith Network, to coordinate their social action and to offer ‘one voice’ with whom the council and others could communicate. The group have now secured funding to take on a member of staff to coordinate the group’s efforts to support the vulnerable within the city.

Their approach to social action has become much more strategic, with subgroups working to assess specific needs and gaps in provision. Together the churches are working more closely with local authorities and other organisations to address key issues.

In May 2017 they hosted a Civic Prayer Breakfast at Lincoln Cathedral, which provided a wonderful opportunity to maintain the dialogue started by the audit, and to pray strategically for the city of Lincoln.