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Cinnamon Leadership Training

Cinnamon Leadership Training takes passion and turns it into action. We run training across the country to help church-based volunteers to develop the right skills to effectively lead social action projects.

Through four course modules, participants will learn how to lead confidently, manage a team, partner with other organisations and promote their initiative to the wider public.

The training days are always vibrant and fun. Our course leaders have loads of personal experience, which they bring to life through the sessions. You can expect plenty of variety with up front teaching, opportunities for group discussion, as well as time for more personal reflection. 

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Cinnamon Leadership Training

Success Stories - Quotes

“I came here with nothing but passion, but I’m leaving feeling equipped.”

“Reinvigorating – a real boost hearing others’ experiences, when my project is having a challenging patch.”

“Helped me have more ideas and confidence of what to do next and a reminder of the power and necessity of prayer.”

“The teaching level and style of interaction were brilliant; the resources excellent.”

“… it gave me fresh eyes”

“… it helped me develop and think about wasted to improve.”

“It’s more than a training course. It’s more like a journey that is going to bring change.”

Success Stories - Quotes

“The one to one sessions with my coach helped me identify ‘who I was’ and this has helped enormously.”

“Membership of the … group has already helped me to focus my leadership on what I need to do in order to move forward, at a very significant time both nationally and personally.”

“I cannot recommend [this group] highly enough.”

“I’ve appreciated the step aside from the day-to-day, and the space to think.”

“As a fairly new CEO, it’s great to have some safe, confidential space to discuss pertinent issues facing the charity, staff or myself and be challenged on my role in making things happen that will be for the benefit of all.”

“It’s kind of a group of peers that I haven’t got anywhere else”

“I’ve found the … other people who come … such a source of wisdom to me.”

“The benefit of being coached by a fellow Christian, means we both know and acknowledge that any wisdom is really coming from God, by His spirit.”