Cinnamon Micro-Grants (Cambridgeshire)

Church and Civic Partnership Opportunity 

Cinnamon invites churches in Cambridgeshire to participate in an exciting pilot partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, in which targeted social action projects will be established in high need, low capacity communities. 

We believe that churches are well placed to offer support for those most likely to be impacted by the reduced budgets of local authorities around the country. 

In this exciting new partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, local churches will have the opportunity to reduce demand for children and adult services by making a lasting difference in the lives of the vulnerable and marginalised. 

Participating churches will receive: 

  • A £2,000 Micro-Grant to start one of four Cinnamon Recognised Projects:   
  • One-to-one coaching and support from a Cinnamon Advisor for the duration of the partnership (2 years) 
  • Access to Cinnamon Leadership Training 
  • Opportunities to meet and share learning with other churches taking part in the partnership 
  • Direct support from, and opportunities to work with, Cambridgeshire children and adult services. 
  • A full evaluation report, detailing the project’s impact on project beneficiaries and council expenditure.  The report can be used to strengthen a case of support for future fundraising applications. 

Following the learning from this pilot, Cinnamon seeks to help churches partner with local authorities throughout the UK, to change lives and transform communities. 

If you have any queries, you may contact the team HERE. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who we fund 

A local church, or group of churches working in partnership.  A church should be a registered charity with up-to-date accounts. 

What are Cinnamon Micro-Grants for? 

Micro-grants are to help churches with the cost of setting up a Cinnamon Recognised Project. 

What we give 

A Cinnamon Micro-Grant is a single payment of £2,000 made directly to the applicant church.  Cinnamon Micro-Grants have to be match funded to the same value. Match funding can include the value of: cash, gifts in kind, premises, professional pro-bono services, asset items and salaries. 

Where must I be based? 


What will be expected from my church? 

Aside from our standard terms and conditions, which are set out in the Cinnamon Micro-Grant application form, Cinnamon has the following expectations on participating churches.  

  1. Partnership working:  to work closely with the Cinnamon Advisor throughout the partnership and to engage with representatives of Cambridgeshire children and adult services as required. 
  2. Cinnamon Leadership Training:  to send project leaders and volunteers to one of the two training opportunities in April or October 2019. 
  3. Attend strategic meetings: participating churches will be invited to attend two strategic meetings at which progress and learning will be shared.  

When will I know the result of my application? 

  • Churches are welcome to make applications up to Friday 29th March, 2019. 
  • Applications will be shortlisted and considered by Cinnamon and Cambridgeshire County Council. 
  • Applicants will receive the outcome of their application within the first two weeks of April, 2019. 

Before you apply, please: 

  1. Discuss your idea with the Cinnamon Advisor for Cambridgeshire: Nick Amis, nickamis@cinnamonnetwork.co.uk
  2. Sign up with the Cinnamon Recognised Project you wish to start (Linking Lives, Parish Nursing, 4Family or TLG Early Intervention). 

If you meet the criteria, please enter your name and email on this page and you will be sent the application form and other Cinnamon Network news. Please note all Cinnamon Micro-Grants are subject to availability and eligibility, as listed above.