Cinnamon Micro-grants

Micro-Grants of £2000 available 

We have Micro-Grants of £2,000 available in certain location for any churches wanting to start a Cinnamon Recommended Project.  

At Cinnamon we know that a small investment can make a big difference. We have a number of £2,000 Cinnamon Micro-grants available in specific regions, to help churches get their Recommended Projects off the ground.

You can sign up on Cinnamon Connect for free HERE

If your area is not represented, you can register your interest in receiving a Micro-Grant for a Cinnamon Recommended Project HERE 

Success Stories

Knighton Free Church in Leicester

 A one-off Micro-grant can help initiate a whole range of social action, as we’ve seen in the case of Knighton Free Church in Leicester.

Back in January 2018, the church successfully secured a Cinnamon Micro-grant to start a TLG Early Intervention project to support children who are struggling to engage with mainstream education.

The funding helped to cover the cost of training for two volunteers for the first year, so they could support two students at a local junior school. Within a few months, the church began to see the fruits of their labour.

“I can see this is really having a positive impact for both of the boys,” commented the SENCO from the local junior school.”

As of January 2019, there are now seven volunteers from the church supporting additional children through TLG. The church has even started to explore opportunities of working with the police to extend their youth work and to support women caught up in the sex trade.  “I don’t think that we would have started without the Cinnamon funding,” says assistant pastor Matt Macdiarmid.