Cinnamon One Page Resources

Sometimes it can be helpful to have printed resources which explain a bit about some of the aspects of Cinnamon’s work.
Here are some one-page documents which can be printed out.

What are Cinnamon Advisors? 
Download document here:
Also read: Cinnamon Advisors in Action

What is Cinnamon Leadership Training? 
Download document here:Also read: Cinnamon Leadership Training in Action

What are Cinnamon Micro-Grants? 
Download document here:

All about Police and Church Partnership Working
Download document here:

What are Cinnamon Recognised Projects? 
Download document here:Also read: Cinnamon Recognised Projects in Action

What is Cinnamon Project Lab? 
Download document here: Also read: Cinnamon Incubator in Action

What is Cinnamon Societal Influence? 
Download document here:
 Also read: Cinnamon Influence in Action

What is Cinnamon Project Incubation?
Download document here:Also read: Cinnamon Incubator in Action