Cinnamon Project Incubation

The Cinnamon Project Incubator takes innovative, new social action projects and helps them grow to a point where they can be replicated many times over. You can download a helpful Infographic of the process HERE.

All great local church social action projects have to start somewhere. A single act of love and generosity can easily turn into a local project. And a local project, with the right nurturing, can be replicated through local churches into a national (or even international) movement.

In 2016 we launched the Cinnamon Project Lab, a Dragon’s Den style competition to find remarkable social action projects with the potential to be replicated in churches across the country.

The five finalists presented their ideas in front of a panel of expert judges and are now part of the Cinnamon Project Incubator. Over the next 24 months, they’ll receive training and support in the following areas:
• Strategic advice
• Coaching
• Confidence building
• Funding
• Marketing and promotion

In 2013 MakeLunch joined the Cinnamon Project Incubator. Since then it has worked with local churches to grow from 3 to 60 locations and has served over 30,000 meals to children who might otherwise go hungry during the school holidays.

 Rachel Warwick

Rachel Warwick

Rachel Warwick, the Founder of MakeLunch said: “The Cinnamon Network has played a huge part in the early years of MakeLunch, offering funding opportunities and plenty of publicity as well as access to input from knowledgeable professionals.

“Having Mark working with us as a Strategy Advisor for MakeLunch is invaluable. He brings a wealth of wisdom and advice on every aspect of our organisation, which has helped make sure we’re set up with the best procedures, policies and strategies.

“I’ve really appreciated his insightful, understanding approach as he applies business knowledge to our charity needs. On top of all that, he manages to do it in a way that’s fun and leaves me feeling like I’m good at my job!”

If your church is doing great work to address real and pressing needs within your community, then you might like to consider applying for a future Cinnamon Project Lab.  To find out more, sign up to receive the monthly Cinnamon Newsletter HERE.
For all enquiries please contact Mark Kitson at: markkitson@cinnamonnetwork.co.uk