Cinnamon Project Incubator

Photographs from the 2021 Final

The Cinnamon Project Incubator takes innovative, new social action projects and helps them grow to a point where they can be replicated many times over. You can download a helpful Infographic of the process HERE.

All great local church social action projects have to start somewhere. A single act of love and generosity can easily turn into a local project. And a local project, with the right nurturing, can be replicated through local churches into a national (or even international) movement.


After participating in the Incubator Final, the five finalists become part of the Cinnamon Project Incubator. Over the next 24 months, they’ll receive training and support in the following areas:
• Strategic advice
• Coaching
• Confidence building
• Funding
• Marketing and promotion

You can hear lessons from the 2017 finalists here:
If your church is doing great work to address real and pressing needs within your community, then you might like to consider applying for a future Cinnamon Incubator programme. To find out more, sign up to receive the monthly Cinnamon Newsletter HERE.
For all enquiries please contact Mark Kitson at: