Cinnamon Research

Along with the Cinnamon Faith Action Audits, Cinnamon have been carrying out in-depth quantitative and qualitative research. The overall aim is to illustrate the nature of the work with churches carry out in their communities, which help police, health authorities and local councils to achieve their outcomes.

The Cinnamon Faith Action Audit 2016 provides evidence that the value of the time given by the UK Church and faith groups to their communities each year is worth £3 billion which means 47 million times a year, someone is being helped. Find out more HERE.

The Police & Church Partnership Working research provides practical local guidance about how the police and churches can work together.
It is officially endorsed by the National Police Chiefs Council and College of Policing. You can read the research HERE.

Following on from the successful research into police and church partnerships, Allchurches Trust sponsored Cinnamon to carry out similar research to assess the effectiveness of church-led strategies which have been developed to offset pressures within the health service. You can find the research HERE.