Civic Prayer Breakfasts

Civic Prayer Breakfasts are a really simple but incredibly effective way to get the leaders in your community together. Through the Civic Prayer Breakfasts, leaders can share their concerns, pool resources, co-ordinate our efforts and create new solutions.

We have developed a really handy step-by-step guide to help you run a Civic Prayer Breakfast that is accessible to everyone in your community. The events really open up opportunities for much broader interaction and dialogue between churches and other leaders within the community beyond the initial Civic Prayer Breakfast.

Lloyd Cooke (Stoke) speaks about Civic Prayer Breakfasts
Joy Blundell (Lincoln) speaks about Civic Prayer Breakfasts

Download The Guide

You can download the English Civic Prayer Breakfast booklet HERE. The Welsh language version is HERE.

Civic Prayer Anthem

Singer-songwriters Noel Robinson and Andy Flannagan have crafted a unique song for people to sing at Civic Prayer breakfasts. You can hear and download it HERE.

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