Cinnamon Leadership Training

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Cinnamon Leadership Training is a national programme of training for church-based volunteers involved in social action projects, and for those currently running or wishing to run a Cinnamon Recognised Project in their community.

The training is not for ‘experts’, neither is it limited to church leaders but is open to anyone, from social activists to community leaders and to those interested in developing the capacity and skills needed to lead more effectively.

The four modules are:

  • Leading Confidently
  • Building your Team
  • Promotions & Partnerships
  • Fundraising & Evaluation


What happens in the Training?CLT Quote 8

The day is run by professional trainers, each with a breadth of training experience. The material is designed with a variety of learning preferences in mind. As well as short ‘up front’ teaching slots, learners will reflect on powerful video clips, engage in stimulating group discussion and pause for personal reflection. We are convinced that this unique format will maximise group learning, mutual encouragement and up-skilling, and will inspire people to grow and lead more effectively.

Results of the Training

  • Since 2016, Cinnamon have delivered over 36 courses with 737 participants.
  • Recent feedback has shown that as a result of the training, 88.2% of participants had an increased sense of confidence to get involved with their community and 86.7% had new ideas on how they could support and/or engage with their community.

–        “An overall excellent day.  I wish I had attended at the start-up of my social action project but will still be able to implement every part of this training” Harrogate, 28 Oct 17.

–        “Really helpful.  Has shown me that I need to re-define my goals”  Winchester, 24 March 18.

For further information, please contact Cham: chamkaurmann@cinnamonnetwork.co.uk

Rev Cham Kaur-Mann

Rev Cham Kaur-Mann

CLT Quote 2The training team is led by Rev Cham Kaur-Mann and is listed HERE. You can book onto a training day HERE.