Community Transformation – Calling


The Cinnamon Community Transformation Toolkit has been designed to help churches that want to explore, begin, or improve social action in their local community. The toolkit is designed to be a step-by-step process, helping you to work out:

  • the assets, challenges and needs within your local community;
  • how you can identify and work with local partners and the community itself to address some of the challenges;
  • what gifts, resources and capacity your church can access;  and
  • identify from this process what action can be taken.

Before you begin working through the toolkit, we encourage local churches to consider, what is God doing and you can join in.

God is already at work through his Church to bring about transformation.   It is our job as local churches to work out how we can join in with God’s mission to bring about transformation within our communities. We encourage local churches to ask some simple questions such as:

  • What is God doing in your village, town or city?
  • Where is God renewing faith and refreshing lives?
  • Where are people finding their way into God’s kingdom?

We have included a few suggested exercises (on the right) to help your church consider how God might already be at work in your neighbourhood.

Exercises to help you begin:

Exercise 1Prayer Walking

Exercise 2Community Observation

Exercise 3Community Map