Current Projects in Incubation

Purple Shoots (2021 Winner)
Purple Shoots aim to uncover, empower and
enable Britain’s hidden entrepreneurs, to change things for people who are disadvantaged by circumstances, health or disability and are left behind by the economy.

Street Storage (2021 Winner)
Street Storage is an award-winning service providing those experiencing homelessness with free, accessible and safe storage for their belongings.

Glesga Roasters (2021 Finalist)
Based in Glasgow, Glesga Roasters is a small batch coffee roasting social enterprise producing high quality, artisan roasted coffee. They create a socially relevant tool for rehabilitation, mentoring, employability and belonging for people in recovery from addiction and criminality.
Just Ice(2021 Finalist)
Just Ice make fabulous artisan ice cream, using local & fair trade ingredients. They aim to provide supported, sympathetic and trauma informed employment to men and women with a lived experience of trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Transform Car Valeting (2021 Finalist)
Transform’s Training Academy is the first step in their dream to to set up a high-end car valeting social enterprise. To give people who are a long way from employment an opportunity to learn new skills.

WAVE for Change (2021 Cohort)
Wave for Change is about encouraging and enabling mixed-ability friendships. Wave want to see more people with and without learning disabilities mixing and having fun together in the heart of our communities.

Flourish (Proton Foundation) (2021 Cohort)

The Flourish Project has been created to help young people to develop a growth mindset, creating helpful thinking patterns and enabling the young person to start to understand their potential, realising future aspirations and setting goals for the future.

Foodsavers Network (2021 Cohort) The FoodSavers network aims to reduce dependency on foodbanks and free food provision, by combining sustainable low-cost food markets with easy access to a Credit Union, as part of the wider food support ecosystem.
Keys Community Detox (2021 Cohort)
Keys Community Detox work with local churches to provide a holistic community-based programme of medical, spiritual and community support to help people to escape from alcohol and drug addiction.
Running Space (2021 Cohort)
Every person we run with has treasure and riches within them, often buried deep under hurt and pain of abuse, abandonment, and rejection. Our purpose is to run shoulder to shoulder with them, and in running to help shake the dirt off each other’s lives and pull out the treasure.  

Hope4All (2020 Winner)
Hope4All aims to prevent homelessness by delivering training in the community. The courses help vulnerable people to handle housing issues; such as disputes between tenants and landlords, rent arrears, rent repayment order, types of tenancies and licences available.

Radiant Cleaners (2020 Winner)
Radiant Cleaners offer tailored support and jobs for employees to overcome barriers to employment, and to succeed through Radiant Cleaners. 

Project Malachi (2020 Finalist)
Project Malachi is a radical new approach to entrenched rough sleeping, creating a new kind of
homelessness hostel, with an integrated bicycle refurbishment social enterprise. This innovative project is the first of its kind to target rough sleepers who have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) in this way.

New Meaning Foundation (2020 Finalist)
The New Meaning Foundation tackles homelessness through modular, relocatable, single person’s dwellings.
Alongside this work, New Meaning Foundation offers our “Working with Initiative” programme of group and individual training, mentoring and counselling to unemployed people often described as “hardest to reach”.

Street Connect (2020 Finalist)

Street Connect offers hope that can lead to life transformation for individuals struggling with addiction and associated issues such as homelessness and poor mental health.

Mum2Mum (2019 Finalist)
Mum2Mum helps local churches to support vulnerable young mums in their community by linking mums with trained volunteer befrienders. The initiative aims to tackle issues of isolation, loneliness and poor mental health that are faced by young parents. The project also helps young mums to access the wider range of support and services they and their babies need, but may be reluctant to access for a range of reasons.

Life Guards Healthy Hearts (2019 Finalist)
Life Guards Healthy Hearts teaches children and   young people how to look after their physical, mental and spiritual health. Through an informative and practical eight-week programme, young people learn about the impact of stress on their physical and mental wellbeing and how to find healthy ways of dealing with it.

Flourish (2019 Finalist)
Flourish supports the mental wellbeing of girls  between the ages of 11-18 through a group course that’s delivered in schools and churches. Projects work closely with local schools to support girls who display issues such as anxiety, self-harm, lack of school engagement and friendship problems or social isolation. Through an eight-week course, Flourish creates a safe space where girls are empowered with tools to build resilience and support each other.

Proof Bakery (2018 Winner)
Proof Bakery is a community-supported artisanal bread bakery in Coventry, training and employing refugee women. By offering a free bread baking course in a women-only environment, the bakery helps develop each participant’s confidence, language skills and practical knowledge, which they can use to find employment.

The Healthy Church Initiative (2018 Winner)
The Healthy Church Initiative helps churches to transforms nutritional health in Black – African Caribbean churches and communities by delivering a six-week health intervention which educates them and provides practical advice to inspire change.

Living Loss (2018 Finalist)
Living Loss helps churches to support people experiencing the effects of bereavement or any other type of loss. Through weekly sessions, churches can support people dealing with a range of issues from death, abuse, unemployment, self-esteem or family issues.

BoxUp Crime (2017 Winner)
BoxUpCrime aims to rebuild misguided dreams. The projects works with young people who need it the most, by using non-contact boxing sessions and bespoke mentoring programs in schools and within the communities. Over their 4 years of operation so far, they have established themselves as a leading voice in crime-reduction programmes in deprived areas of London.

The Bus Stop (2017 Finalist)
The Bus Stop teams up with local churches to engage with young people who are in need of support. Their unique mobile space means they can travel to where young people are, and where the need is greatest. They have a specific focus on young people in areas of deprivation or rural isolation. Their converted bus comes with a youth worker and volunteers who train up local congregations in youth work. They run sessions on issues such as mental health and safe relationships, as well as providing a safe space for young people to drop in and chat.

The Giving Back Project (2017 Finalist)
The Giving Back project is a two-week work experience opportunity is for young people aged 16-24 who are considered by the government to be NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). Academy 3-13 coordinates these projects in partnership with a local church, securing the referrals from the Job Centre and various training providers. All participants work together to help modernise a local community centre through painting, decorating, gardening, etc..

Embracing Age (2016 Winner)

Embracing Age is a Christian charity working towards a world where older people are valued, connected and full of hope, by combatting loneliness, mobilising volunteers, equipping churches and speaking out.