Cinnamon Network UK COVID-19
Community Project Advice

Now is Our Time.

The COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic is causing alarm in communities throughout the UK and beyond. People who engage with local church volunteers want to be reassured that appropriate precautions are being taken by them.

However, now more than ever, people need to see the church stepping up and providing for the last and the least in the community. Taking appropriate precautions, Cinnamon Network UK wants to see the church continue to check on the isolated, feed the poor, and where possible, help to provide shelter for the homeless. Now is the time to demonstrate radical love. So, we are issuing the following advice to church-based community groups.

Remote Contact

As we begin to self-isolate and engage in social distancing it may be a good idea to see whether a  community and neighbourhood WhatApp Group exists, and if not, set one up through Facebook or the NextDoor App to keep people connected. This will enable you to stay in contact with vulnerable and isolated people.

Ask people if they would like a phone call or a text periodically to check on how they are. Perhaps they need someone to drop off food or medicine to them. As some people will be spending long periods of time alone, a phone conversation or WhatsApp message could be a lifeline to avoid the  negative impact of social isolation.

Community Contact

When you and your volunteer teams are out and about, doing shopping, or calling on isolated neighbours to make sure they are OK, remember the following hygiene guidelines:

Anti-Bacterial Products: Remember Covid-19 is a virus, so is not necessarily affected by anti-bacterial products unless it has 60-65% alcohol content (see HERE). Of course, “anti-bacs” are extremely important, but soap and hot water is more effective when washing your hands. Continue to use anti-bacterial products on all other surfaces. 

Make sure you have lots of soap, therefore; as well as anti-bacterial hand-wash, surface sprays; wipes and tissues available for you and your community volunteer team. If you do use premises of any kind, ensure all surfaces are regularly cleaned.

You can also download the “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” posters HERE should you need them.

Hand washing: At home, and before you go out to help others, make sure you wash your hands appropriately for 20 seconds with soap and hot water, when entering and leaving any building. See this helpful article from the USA HERE

Refreshments: If you prepare any kind of food in community kitchens, have designated people handling the food, minimising the number of people touching kitchen utensils and crockery. Spray and clean kitchen surfaces and other surfaces before and after you have used them.

Cleaning: Make sure you thoroughly clean all door handles and light switches with anti-bacterial cleaning products.

Physical Contact: Keep a reasonable distance. Avoid handshaking and other physical contact. If someone requests prayer, perhaps stretch your hand toward them rather than “laying hands” on them to minimise risk.

COVID-19 Symptoms

If a team member or someone you support displays symptoms of either a dry cough or a high fever, they should consult the NHS 111 website and self-isolate for between 7-14 days. Please continue to check up on them on the phone.


Stay up-to-date with the latest information.

Be ready to reassure and be there for people in need. 

We will keep updating our pages and communications as the national situation changes.  

Meanwhile, here are some hints and tips to reach your community.