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The Finalists

Today’s Cinnamon Bite by Alice Benham, reviews the Cinnamon Project Lab of 27th June, where five finalists were invited to present their project to a judging panel to see who could become Cinnamon’s next Recognised Project.

Two weeks ago, on Tuesday June 27th, Cinnamon hosted the final of the Project Lab Competition (you can catch up on live tweets from that time, using the hashtag #Lab16 on Twitter).

Project Lab was a national competition for local church-sized social action projects Renew 37who have a vision to replicate through other local churches across the UK. The idea was for the five finalists to present their vision before a judging panel. The winner would then partner with Cinnamon, receive a year’s funding of £30,000, expert coaching, world class professional advice, targeted marketing and access to industry and government contacts.

Care Home Friends

As a result of a nationwide marketing campaign, over 250 people requested application information, and the final number of applicants was 50. The final 5 of these were then selected to present before the panel of judges on June 27th.

Who were the finalists?

    • Renew 37: helping people who are struggling with mental health issues through community and faith;The judging panel
    • Mummy Shock: supporting new mothers during the transition into early motherhood;
    • Onus: uniting churches to tackle Domestic Violence;
    • Care Home Friends: supporting the lonely & vulnerable in Care Homes;
    • Lyrics & Lunch: harnessing music to bring joy  and friendship to those with dementia.

Each finalist had seven minutes to talk about their project in front of the judges, who would then ask them questions. Each competitor spoke very well, leaving the judges with the difficult job of picking the winner!

The Winners After some deliberation (it felt like hours of waiting) it was decided that there would be two JOINT winners, each receiving £15,000: Renew 37 and Care Home Friends. The other brilliant news is that all five finalists received generous donations from audience members, which enabled them to enter into Cinnamon’s Incubation Initiative (more to follow in next week’s blog!) Due to the generosity of the partners and friends of Cinnamon, over £15,000 was donated on the night. As you wait for the next update, you can visit the projects out using the links above, and pray for us and them as we begin this exciting partnership journey together.


You can find out more about the criteria for the 2016 Project Lab HERE


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