Developing New Projects

All great local church social action projects have to start somewhere. A single act of love and generosity can easily turn into a local project. And a local project, with the right nurturing, can be replicated through local churches into a national (or even international) movement.

The Cinnamon Project Incubator process takes innovative, new social action projects and helps them grow to a point where they can be replicated many times over. You can download a helpful Infographic of the process HERE. Find out more about the Incubator itself HERE.

The Cinnamon Project Lab is an annual competition where we look for ambitious church-based social action projects that want to develop their initiatives so other churches can replicate them. Each year they follow a specific theme. You can download a helpful infographic of the Project Lab process HERE.

You can find out about the 2019 Project Lab finalists HERE. You can read all about the 2019 Final HERE.

Here are details of past winners from:




You can find out about current projects in incubation HERE.