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Emerge – One Year On

Emerge – Winner of 2019 Cinnamon Incubator Competition  

Joy Wright, founder of Emerge, shares a little bit about what’s happened since winning the Cinnamon Incubator Competition in 2019.  

Emerge enables trained, Christian volunteers to support young people attending Accident and Emergency departments as a result of self-harm or attempted suicide. As part of the Cinnamon Incubator Programme, Emerge have been able to add resource to their team and develop strong foundations for growth. 

Here’s a snap-shot of the progress they’ve made as part of the Cinnamon Incubator Programme: 

  • Additional staff have been recruited to help Joy focus on developing core foundations of the charity and building partnerships with hospitals and churches. 
  • Robust budgeting systems and recruitment policies have been put in place. 
  • A new Emerge partnership has been launched in Medway hospital. 
  • Emerge are streamlining their processes to speed up replication in response to demand from hospitals.

Since its launch, Emerge staff and volunteers have delivered over 1,000 support sessions to young people. That has involved 482 sessions in hospital and addition 530 following up meetings with young people in cafes and coffee shops across the community.

Cinnamon Help Emerge Adapt in light of COVID-19 

Lockdown only intensified the need for Emerge. As they are currently unable to go into hospital in person, Cinnamon helped the team to adapt their provision and redouble their efforts and reach young people in distress.  

  • A dedicated webpage to provide advice, support and guidance for young people struggling in the current crisis. 
  • Telephone hotline between 7pm – 11pm, Monday to Saturday, available to vulnerable young people.
  • Additional volunteers trained to provide more support over the phone.  

Emerge have seen demand for their support increase exponentially. In the first half of 2020, they have seen twice as many young people as they did in the whole of 2019.  

“Our team have worked flat-out” said Joy, “Their commitment to young people is incredible, they didn’t want to let anyone fall through the cracks.”