Cinnamon UK

Getting Started in Social Action

When it comes to social action, getting started can be the hardest part. We want to help churches set in place great foundations from the outset, which is why we developed the Guide to Church-Led Community Transformation.

This booklet will walk you through the steps you need to take to set up an effective social action project. It will help you consider the needs of your community, the resources available in your church and your long-term strategy for success.

The guide covers key topics including

  • Where to Start
  • Measuring Change
  • Working in Context
  • Fundraising for Sustainability
  • Social Media
  • Training Project Leaders

“Cinnamon Network’s input has been prophetic – it’s given us tools to rethink everything we do. The monitoring and evaluation training has helped us redefine success: we started planning a coffee shop that breaks even and now we’re planning a meeting place for the community.”

Ian Bunce, Minister, Romford Baptist Church