Inspiration is pointless, Unless …

There are certain words that seem to get thrown around so frequently that they rather lose their meaning. “Inspiration” is one of them. Last month, our five Project Lab finalists took to the stage at Mercers’ Hall to present grass-roots social actions projects that tackle issues of poverty and social exclusion faced by young people within their community – they were all undoubtedly inspirational.

Some of those who had founded the projects had literally given up everything. They had invested all their savings, left jobs, moved away from home and risked their security and comfort with no guarantee that their vision would even come to life. And yet, moved by the need they saw and inspired by the love of Christ, they risked it all.

Driven by their passion, these incredible projects are now bringing hope and life into the darkest corners of our communities. BoxUpCrime, The Primetime Project, tastelife, The Giving Back Project and The Bus Stop, are utterly inspirational and you can find out about all of them elsewhere on this website.

But what does that mean for the rest of us?

Emotion inspires action
Inspiration is like energy; it fires us up, gets our minds racing, fills us with excitement and keeps us awake at night, but eventually it fades. Unless, like our Project Lab finalists, we do something with it.

This summer many of us will head off to New Wine, Soul Survivor or other Christian festivals. Hopefully, we’ll all be inspired by what we see and hear. But our challenge is not merely to feel inspired; it’s to do something with it.

Here at Cinnamon Network, we’re ready to help churches turn inspiration into action.

You can be the inspiration
The thing about inspiration is that it’s infectious. When we respond, others will follow. The five

Project Lab finalists are a great example. When they stepped out in faith, they inspired others to give their time, money, support and resources to bring their idea to life.

So this summer, as you’re worshipping at New Wine, listening to a seminar at Soul Survivor, or even reflecting on your future by a swimming pool – if you feel inspired, make a resolution to turn that inspiration into action.

Remember, you’re not alone – if you need some help bringing an idea to life, setting up a project in your area, or igniting passion in your community then get in touch with the Cinnamon Team.

Who knows where it will take you?

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