Matt Bird

Matt Latest Portrait

Matt is an international speaker, author and broadcaster. He has spoken in 30 countries to more than a million people. He has authored 10 books one of which received a ‘book of the year’ prize. He hosts a television show in TBN TV and is regularly a guest on radio shows.

He is the Founder of Cinnamon Network International which helps local churches to transform communities.

In the UK, Cinnamon has identified 32 local church community projects which have now been replicated by more than 3,500 churches. Collectively, these projects mobilise 56,000 volunteers and serve 1.4 million beneficiaries every year. Cinnamon has developed a world-class Incubator for supporting the early stage replication of church-based community projects which is now being used in other countries.

Cinnamon has supported church networks in 87 towns and cities in UK to do a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit that measures the social impact and economic value of what they do in the community. The Times newspaper reported the findings of the research with the headline ‘Loving thy neighbour is priceless – but it’s also worth £3billion‘. This evidence has enabled the church to build a new level of confidence with civic leaders and agencies, and to have new conversations about collaborative working. Cinnamon is now supporting churches  in towns and cities in other countries around the world to undertake a Cinnamon Faith Action Audit.

Cinnamon is now partnering with what God is doing in other countries. It is focused on identifying local church community projects that have the potential to be replicated to national scale, and also helping churches to measure their social impact and economic value in order to build stronger civic partnerships.

Matt’s charitable work in building relational capital in communities has received commendations from successive British Governments and Prime Ministers.

Matt is also the founder of Relationology, a unique approach for achieving business growth through the power of relationships and ‘client-centric business development’. Relationology is a financial services specialist known for working with very clever people to help them be smart about their client relationships. Matt’s business book ‘Relationology 101’ has received more than 100 five star reviews on Amazon, and his weekly video blog ‘A Minute With Matt’ is watched by more than 5,000 people.

Matt lives in Wimbledon, UK with his wife Esther and their three children.

You can contact Matt HERE.