Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants (Scotland)

The Cinnamon Network invites local churches in Scotland to start a Cinnamon Recognised Project.

Who we fund

Local church, or group of churches working in partnership, which is a registered charity with up to date accounts.

What micro-grants are for

Micro-grants are to help churches with the cost of setting up a Cinnamon Recognised Project. The full list is HERE.

What we give

£2,000 (which has to be matched by £2,000 which can include the value of: cash, gifts in kind, premises, professional pro-bono services, asset items, salaries).

Getting approval from Cinnamon Recognised Projects

Before applying for a micro-grant churches need to be signed-up with the Cinnamon Recognised Project they wish to start.

Project Start Date

Churches can apply for a micro-grant up to three months before they start the Cinnamon Recognised Project, or up to three months after they have started the project.

Why we ask for match funding

Because we want to work in partnership with local churches as they meet the needs of their local community.

One micro-grant per Cinnamon Recognised Project

Churches may apply for one micro-grant per Cinnamon Recognised Project they set-up. Micro-grants are designed to help kick-start the project over the first year.

If you meet the criteria please enter your name and email on this page and you will be sent the application form and other Cinnamon Network news.