Our Story

Where it began
Cinnamon Network began emerging in 2010 in response to growing social need, public sector reform, increasing recognition of the role of voluntary organisations and the economic cuts. 50 Christian CEOs and leaders were challenged to consider how the Christian community could deliver more local transformation at national scale and to do so at speed. We met together at The Cinnamon Club in London and Cinnamon Network was born.

Why we get up in the morning
To serve the nation

How we go about life
Enabling people and resources to transform their communities and help those in social need.

What we actually do day-to-day


Who we are
We began life as a voluntary network, then formed a partnership with Tearfund and in 2014 became a registered charity (1156985) with its own governance. Meet our teams HERE

Cinnamon Network received an award from the Prime Minister in June 2013 who said, “By supporting churches to address the most pressing issues in their neighbourhoods The Cinnamon Network is transforming communities for the better. The award reflects the outstanding work done by both the recognised projects and people in local churches who willingly give up their time on the front line.”

Our Values

The Cinnamon Network has seven core values which define its identity and way of working...

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Meet the Team

Learn more about the people behind The Cinnamon Network who make everything happen...

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