Our Team

The Cinnamon Network Board is Chaired by Martin Warner and meets termly to provide governance, financial oversight and strategic direction:

Board meetings are also attended ex-officio by Cinnamon’s Chief Executive Amanda Bindon

Amanda Bindon: Chief Executive

Amanda has extensive experience of the corporate world. She has worked for Esso, Jacob’s, Pizza Hut and subsequently led the Waitrose Marketing Department. She also worked as Development Director for St Peter’s Church in Notting Hill and as Head of Communications for New Wine.

The Cinnamon Network is served by 3 Directors:

Amanda Bindon, CEO

Mark Kitson, Associate Director

Paul Garratt, Director of Business Development and Church Engagement

The Cinnamon Network Business Development and Grants Teamled by Paul Garratt are community development professionals responsible for research and learning.

  • Paul Garratt, Director of Business Development 
  • Angela Hardy, Fundraising

Our Advisors Team is managed by Gareth Brown and are community development professionals who are available to advise church leaders, volunteers and congregations about their community engagement.

Church and Community Advisors

The Cinnamon Network Communications Team are communications professionals who promote the activities of the network.

  • Kate Sharma, Communications
  • Nick Amis, Comms & IT
  • David Simmons, Comms & Research