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Pentecost – It’s Not About Me!

Pentecost – It’s Not About Me!

I’m sure many of you were celebrating Pentecost last Sunday. This year, there was something in particular that struck me. It was the importance of community. 

In the past, I’ve been guilty of wanting to keep the Holy Spirit to myself. I’ve seen the Spirit as ‘my comforter and my advocate – reassuring me in times of trouble and defending me in times of adversity. 

A security blanket and a security guard in one, if you will! But that’s inherently selfish and completely misses the role the Spirit has to play in our lives.  

While faith is personal, it’s not private. Of course, we can worship alone, pray in the silence of our hearts, and minister on an individual basis, but our faith demands an outward expression.  

It’s about being part of the Body of Christ, working together with others to see His love transform lives, families, and communities. 

Perhaps the isolation of the past year opened my eyes to the importance of community and the significance of the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples was when they were together. 

It reminded me that we are co-workers here on earth and the Holy Spirit is the greatest colleague we could ever have!  

Together we’re better

Research published back in 2016 (feels like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it!) found that people with more friends had a higher pain threshold. 

The study, published in the Scientific Journal, made the link between the endorphins that are produced when we’re with friends and our ability to cope in times of trouble. 

If you’ve ever been crazy enough to run a marathon or attempt a similar endurance event – you’ll know how a few words of encouragement and the knowledge that you are struggling along with others can spur you on when you hit the wall. 

Not meant to work alone 

Of course, God knows this. In fact, we see Jesus actively sending the disciples out to work together in pairs. We aren’t meant to work alone.

“After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” Luke 10:1

But, of course, there are challenges. If you’ve had the fortune of working in an organisation that’s been devoid of disagreement – you’ll be in the minority. Churches are not immune either.  

How to deal with conflict and disagreement is a whole other blog series in itself! I guess the point is that collaboration isn’t always easy – but it’s what we’re called to do and together we can always go further.  

In his Pentecost homily, Pope Francis called for unity in the church and a rejection of the ideologies “that divide and separate us.  

And when it comes to the things that unite us – social action is right up there.  

We can debate liturgy, doctrine, and all sorts of traditions – but we can’t deny our calling to go out and love our communities.  

We want to help you connect 

This is the essence of what Cinnamon is all about. We want to help you and your church engage with your communities; to love them as Christ would; and to see that love bring transformation. 

In that spirit of encouraging unity, we’ve developed Cinnamon Connect, an online learning community that will put you in touch with the resources, knowledge, and people who can help you as you live out your mission.  

As the Church we are greater than the sum of our individual parts. We don’t have to work alone; we’re not meant to work alone; and if we invite the Spirit to lead us, nothing should hold us back.   

Find out how you can be part of the Cinnamon Connect online learning community and access the resources to help your church transform your community.