CAP Life Skills

CAP Life Skills helps the local church to give people the confidence and decision making skills they need to survive on a low income. (Film 1m 44s)

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is an 8-week course from Christians Against Poverty, run through local churches across the UK. It offers support for people aiming to take control of a range of life controlling habits. (Film 1 m 36)

Germinate Enterprise

Germinate Enterprise is a resource that local churches can use to help their community flourish through job creation and tackling rural poverty. (Film 1m 42).


Ignition equips the local church to help unemployed people to find a job that's right for them. (Film 1m 58s)

Intentional Health

Intentional Health equips the local church to inspire healthy communities (film 1m 44s).

Peaced Together

Peaced Together equips the local church to help support women in their community. (Film 2m 09s).