Word 4 Weapons

Word 4 Weapons

Word4Weapons helps the local church by equipping them with a secure weapons bin and the training and information that they need in order to help their community become safer. (Film: 1 m 41 s). You can download the project infographic HERE.

0: About The Projects

We really want to make it as easy as possible for churches to set up and deliver excellent social action projects in their communities (Click above to read more)


4Family equips local churches to train volunteers to support isolated, lonely or vulnerable families in their communities (Film 2m 10s).

Acts 435

Acts 435 equips the local church to help individuals in their communities with their specific needs using crowdfunding. (Film 2:09)

Baby Basics

Baby Basics helps local churches to provide vulnerable women with essential equipment for life with a new baby. (Film 1m 50s)

CAP Debt Help

CAP Debt Help enables local churches to offer free in-depth debt counselling for anyone struggling with debt. (Film 1m 54s)

CAP Job Clubs

CAP Job Clubs help local churches give people confidence, self-esteem and optimism which are essential in a job search. (Film 1m 48s)

CAP Life Skills

CAP Life Skills helps the local church to give people the confidence and decision making skills they need to survive on a low income. (Film 1m 44s)

Christmas Lunch on Jesus

Christmas Lunch on Jesus help local churches to make Christmas hampers available to members of the community.

Clean Sheet

Clean Sheet helps local churches to offer a 3-step pathway from Prison to Employment for people with convictions. (Film 1m 45s)

Community Money Advice

Community Money Advice help local churches to offer a free in-depth debt counselling for anyone struggling with debt. (Film 1m 46s).

Connect To Community

Connect to Community helps churches mentor men and women leaving prison to help them reintegrate into society (Film 1m 52).

Creative English

Creative English helps the local church use drama-based methods to teach English to those with few or no language skills. (Film 2m 09)

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is an eight-week course from Christians Against Poverty (CAP), run through local churches across the UK. It offers support for people aiming to take control of a range of life controlling habits and dependencies, such as smoking, gambling, drinking and shopping. (Film 1 m 36)

Germinate Enterprise

Germinate Enterprise is a resource that local churches can use to help their community flourish through job creation and tackling rural poverty. (Film 1m 42).

Hope Into Action

Hope Into Action help local churches to provide houses and community for the homeless. (Film 2m 16s).

Housing Justice Night Shelter

Housing Justice Night Shelter help churches offer accommodation for rough sleepers during the coldest months of the year. (Film 1m 47s).


Ignition equips the local church to help unemployed people to find a job that's right for them. (Film 1m 58s)

Intentional Health

Intentional Health equips the local church to inspire healthy communities (film 1m 44s).

Kids Matter

Kids Matter equips the local church to deliver effective parenting programmes within their communities (film 1m 51).

Linking Lives UK

Linking Lives UK helps local churches to run a unique befriending service, primarily for isolated people (Film 2m 45s).

Mega Fitness

Mega Fitness helps churches run holistic fitness classes for its community. (Film 2m 01s)

Onus Safe Church

Onus Safe Church empowers churches to recognise and respond to domestic violence or abuse (Film 1m 58s) 

Parish Nursing

Parish Nursing help churches to appoint nurses, who in turn support people and communities. (Film 2m 05s).

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton helps local churches offer a befriending service to isolated and lonely people vulnerable to homelessness. (Film 1m 38s)

Peaced Together

Peaced Together equips the local church to help support women in their community. (Film 2m 09s).

Renew Wellbeing

Renew Wellbeing trains and supports churches to set up "quiet, shared spaces where it's ok not to be ok". Being present, prayerful and in partnership to see an end to isolation and better mental health for all (Film 2m 03).

Street Angels

Street Angels help local churches to build safe streets in towns and city centres. (Film 2m 25s)

Street Pastors

Street Pastors help local churches to respond to anti-social behaviour in town and city centres. (Film 2m 08s)

TLG Early Intervention

TLG Early Intervention help local churches support children who struggle with behavioural difficulties in school. (Film 1m 42s)

TLG Education Centres

TLG secondary education centres equip churches to support young people who have been excluded from school. (Film 1m 39)

TLG MakeLunch

TLG Make Lunch helps local churches to provide a meal a day during school holidays for children who might otherwise go hungry. (Film 1m 51s)

Trussell Trust Foodbanks

Trussell Trust Foodbanks help local churches to provide emergency food parcels for people in crisis. (Film 2m 14s)

Who Let The Dads Out?

Who Let The Dads Out? help local churches to support fathers and children within their community. (Film 2m 09s)

Word 4 Weapons

Word 4 Weapons helps local churches to make their communities safer places. (Film 1m 41)